Sandspit Blacksmith

Blacksmith will not move away from anvil and cannot be melee’d. Killed one with arrows hoping it was one time bug, replacement of different race has same issue.
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This guys is bugged on PC as well.

yep, just found him last night. Bugged. could not damage him

Use a cheap weapon like an iron spear or greatsword and go to the back of his tent. Hit the wooden fence there until it breaks. Sometimes you’ll even break the tent, which flies away most satisfactorily as you go to claim that smack-talking Smith.

Once you kill the tent you can kill/capture any NPC.

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Confirmed, I was able to break the tent by hitting a few times from the back then the side. The blacksmith still seemed to be stuck to his anvil, but I was able to knock him out and drag him away OK. :slight_smile: