Tent protection and a blacksmith bug

Game mode:| Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: The Sandspit

This is actually a combination of two apparent bugs; I can’t imagine that the first one, which is glaring, wouldn’t have been reported by now. It’s tent protection; neither my character nor natives can do damage when under tents. They have to be pulled out into their open for either of us to damage the other.

Which leads to the second bug. The blacksmith native at the Sandspit is pinned to his anvil; he won’t come away from it, no matter what I do.

Both bugs have been reproduced after system and game reboots, the former any number of times, the latter twice.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go to the Sandspit.
  2. Clear the other natives from the blacksmith’s anvil.
  3. Try to kill and/or pull the blacksmith native from there.
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I’ve encountered the tent protection issue when fighting the pirate guys on the Black Galleon under their sail cloths and tents on the ship. very noticeable if you try and fight the Tanner where it spawns without pulling it into the open, and those tents and sails are really tall.

You can fix it by destroying the tent. Then he can magically move again.

I’ve also experienced the tent protection, frequently one-sided though, where I am not quite in the tent and the enemies are, so I get owned.

Like you said, it’s a wellknow bug now.
Some tents (Black hand tents) are set phantom, which renders all objects and thralls under it to phantom as well.

The only workaround is destroying the tent, or if possible luring them away, which doesn’t work with the Blacksmith you mentioned. There you need definitevely to destroy the tent if you want him to fight you.

Still hoping the tents will get a fix soon.

Also the most player craftable tents have the same issue, they’re phantom, so you can place them, but they provide no shelter at all, and can not be picked-up again.