Thralls disappear when placed

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: Bug
Region: [america]

since update today anytime you try to place thralls they just disappear when hit R1
Steps on how to reproduce issue: thrall

Hey there,

Is this happening in online or offline play?

its happening online but then it quit lost 5 combat thralls its only combat ones. today when loged on all combat thralls and pets that were placed on server are gone and its a pve server they were inside base so they were not killed they just disappeared food pot lists nothing feeding on it and is full of food

also just noticed that they day it was happening was the day i was adjusting the server settings and this morning i adjusted settings again before my scheduled restart and all the thralls gone again so not sure if is a linked or not but is only idea i can think of

officaly tested and confirmed. updateing the server settings makes all placed combat thralls and pets disappear have tested it 3 times and wiped all thralls on server 3 times.

Hey @Jamesvannoy

Which settings did you adjust when this happened?

most recent was lowered regeneration setting and all thralls were wiped spent all day handing out thralls to people have also seen them go when just changeing message of the day another test changed staminia settings and they were wiped thats only ones i remember was few others

This is very odd. Could you check the event log to see if there’s something explained in there of what’s going on? (it can be accessed from the pause menu)

i will run another test once you all get your master server fixed so my server actualy shows up on the server list again

ok tested it again had 14 various archers 3 bearers 6 wolfs 3 greater wolfs 8 named fighters all of which were captured not spawned in.

  1. shut server down
  2. adjusted settings PurgePreparationTime , ClanPurgeTrigger and ItemConvertionMultiplier also turned off bodies staying in game while unconsious
  3. restarted server
  4. loged in all combat thralls and pets gone
  5. psn messages start rolling in of reports of all thralls disapeared again.
  6. instead of enjoying the game cause i am a nice admin i have spent last 3 hours replaceing thralls for everyone who asked

also nothing in event log

peformed another test spawned in 5 animals and 5 human thralls placed them around my base put 5 in box. shut down server changed resourse respawn rate and npc respawn rate came back all placed thralls were gone ones in box still there it doesn’t matter what settings you change all thralls disapear when any settings are changed

any update on this problem?

Our team is incorporating now from the Easter vacation.
Are the thralls that disappear added via the admin panel or are they broken normally with the Wheel of Pain?

both all thralls no matter how you get them and its not just me its entire server. i spent 3 hours today handing out replacments becuase everyone lost them all again because i turned pvp on last night to be able to clear out container type structures because we dont’ have proper admin ablities to remove them so everyone lost all there thralls again.

Could you provide a video of this issue in action?
It’s pretty odd and we’ve not heard about something similar happening recently, so we suspect it has to do with some setting having an incorrect value.

how excatly can i make a video when server settings are changed on pc and game runs on ps4? i guess i could record it with my phone

You can check the settings ingame by going to the pause menu -> Settings -> Server settings. We’re also interested in seeing the thralls disappearing when placed down. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

will make video tommrow give everyone chance to write down names of all there thralls they have placed but to clarify there not disappearing when you place them there disappearing when shut server down change server settings then restart the server.

thralls stay in game just fun as long as i don’t change anything on the server like message of the day or adjust any setting if i shut server down and adjust anything when log back in all placed thralls and animals are simply gone not killed its as if the server doesn’t save them and they never existed

You can adjust message of the day in game. Perhaps set the server to automatically reset once a day. Then do everything else with in game settings. Is thrall feeding turned on. You can also temporarily turn pvp on and off ingame. I know that this is not a fix but it could save you some work. I have noticed gportal sites description of a effect is in the wrong spot usually below were you would alter slider or numbers. Good luck to you

doesn’t matter if you change settings in game or out of game same result i have the videos just waiting on them to upload