Thralls need potion/fish effects too


New idea started when some girl feeded me … Dogfish… with charisma :smiley:

So what i tryed to do was feed same fish to Thralls and potion… hoping that zero sized wo-mans will get bigger boobies, but without any luck :frowning:

So my suggestion, maybe make that fishes and potions can affect thralls permanent ( Charisma) and decrease size like edit the boobies?

I mean maybe improved shellfish trap can catch new type of fish that make wo-men boobies bigger? :smiley:

Sometimes I have to wonder if people play CE for the gameplay or just to stare at the characters bodies :roll_eyes:


:smiley: to stare at boobies :smiley:

I also would like that. Having potions/fish that allow you adjust thralls would be great. With exception to Lianeele, most dancers are flat as a board.

Also, I’ve noticed that some thralls I’ve captured do not have eyebrows. Having access to adjust thrall features would be nice.

Having those effects to change my character would be great as well. I wouldn’t have to lose all my progress just because I want to tinker with my character’s features.

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