Thralls, twitch drops and climbing

I have have been playing this game for the past 3 Years now and changing the thralls the way they are now is absolute trash and unnecessary I don’t know why they had to go and mess with them because now they’re useless they can’t defend your base from purges because they are trash and die way too easily now and it’s happened to me before. I lost all my thralls to a big dumb Rockslide son ova b##ch. good luck if you get hit with a sobek purge you’re screwed. Also i am still waiting for them to fix twitch drops. Mine still arent working from last year. And whats With the climbing every time I climb to the top of a building I fall all the way back down because you can’t climb over the top what the f*** is that about Funcom fix your game instead of make new things for the microtransaction shop, fix the current issues, I swear it feels like they dont give a shit about us Playstation players. Especially after all the G0D damn money i dumped into all the dlcs.

I’ve been playing the game on pvp servers on ps4 since i started 3 years ago and thralls at the beginning were broken they’d one shot you but as time passed i lost the feel of needing a thrall since i got better but that doesnt have to do anything with the thrall nerfs what they did is change them so you’re the main character not the thralls that do anything for you now if you want to keep the thrall good youll have to go into authority.

Twitch drops worked for me but after 3.0 dropped they broke again.

Climbing is buggy on some mountains/terrain and on buildings it can lag you off when you climbed to the top but idk if you mean that or you just came to a fence and fell which you thought was a bug. they can’t rly fix climbing its the lag or the mountains/terrain it would take them too long to fix it.

But yeah Sobek NPC are kinda broken and the Rockslide is too fast + the broken hitbox and has like 1 attack that he spams some NPC can need a little tweaking.

About the thralls: They are not that useless, just need to be leveled up and have the best gear. You need to focus on good stats and perks of your fighters. If they turn up to have bad stats, they have to go and be replaced. If only the perks are problem, you have now the option to craft a potion which randomly restat their perks.

Sobek purge is on hell of ouch, avalanches are quick and OP. My first purge after 3.0 were berserkers and they did hell of a mess, when I was on lvl 40, I think. :slight_smile: Just play with the expectation, that you can’t have anything as a indestructible base and invulnerable thralls.

Climbing problems: Most of them solves holdin “space” key (or whatever another for the same purpose on console), while you are climbing, which most of the time prevents you from falling from the top of the structure or terrain.

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