Remove all Thrall fall damage now

Ok ever since the thralls got the level up update fall damage for thralls seems to be back, and badly back, I’ve lost numerous fully leveled named thralls to solely fall damage, this crap is unacceptable, you guys already got hammered hard last year for the god awful thrall fall damage, who on the dev decided to bring it back? Remove this crap and never put it back in game ever again, you can’t have a game with full climbing mechanics, followers AND follower fall damage, it just makes no sense, like it’s at the point that it angers me seeing crap like this brought back when you clearly know the player base wants nothing to do with it, have some respect for the time we put in, fall damage is BS


Out of curiosity, what sort of activity are you doing when the fall damage occurs? My thralls rarely take fall damage, let alone die from it.

probably simply using elevator

I agree,

yesterday i lost an lvl 16 Thrall while i was climbing that high wall of werewolf’s lair,

HE JUST FALLED ALONE, i didnt even saw him falling, he just killed himself like a ■■■■■■

i vote yes to all this threads incarnates. as for big elevators, heres a hint to a cheap fix. demon sword,nes-

I agree with @Achillesroar that follower fall damage should be removed from followers that are not being ridden. Fall damage was removed from followers (mounts and NPCs) in Skyrim for the same reason (follower death) prior to its release nearly a decade ago (2011). Any game that includes unique, leveling followers has followed suit. While I respect Funcom’s interest in exploring options, you can’t complain about budget and ignore what has worked in the past. If you want your customers to respect the time you have invested in your product, respect the time your customers have invested in your product. Followers in Conan Exiles are not allowed by the AI system to jump to their death, and they “catch-up/teleport” to you when they fall behind. So, why should they take fall damage, anyway?


Thralls are dying from falling into the ground, spawning at startup / re-spawning near players, getting knocked out of the way by structures, falling through structures, etc.

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