Thralls Taking Fall Damage Now

So it appears that thralls are taking fall damage now. It appears to be happen most after the Fall-Through-The-Floor bug hits, but now my thralls are constantly getting hurt when they come down off of cliffs or ledges. Can this problem please be addressed soon?

Server: 1728
Type: PVE, Official


lost two thralls cant even bring them to any place that is not 100% flat, or they will fall and die. Its a perfect combination, nerf nerf nerf the hp, give exploiters a way to purge other playerbases making player who wont leave the game build on high places, then enable fall damage for thralls, make everything passthrough the ground and die every 5 minutes. The only way to avoid it is making them sit on a chair, next funcom move: make chair transpassable too. lol If they want every one to stop to play just close the servers.

It’s a “feature,” not a bug. Lol.

What I want to know is that if you slam that poor bastard into terra firma once too many times - does it trigger DBNO? Does the bro need a rallying cry so that you can slam him into the dirt a few more times?

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personally i didnt used the dbno till now. I lost the thrall just after teleporting to the top of high rock, just a few seconds after i recieved a message, xyz thrall was killed while following, i could not find her body

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Seconded, it seems to happen when a follower is pulled to you as well from their maximum leashing distance. I feel like we can do without follower fall damage alltogether, as it doesn’t seem to apply in a meaningful way to when my thrall gets kicked off a platform by the new fisticuffs undead.

TLDR: remove follower fall damage for now, at least until the falling upon spawn, teleport, leashing and rendering is fixed, please.


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