Remove Thrall fall damage

Could you remove fall damage taken of Archer and Fighter Thralls. This way, if a patch (like the big one today) makes them fall through structure they at least won’t die.

Edit: This shouldn’t affect anyone but those with a fetish of kicking thralls of cliffs.

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I don’t know what happened with mine. Was fine when the game first loaded then when I left the zone where my Fort was, when I came back I noticed all my thralls were missing.

Luckily I built mine above water so I found most of them below, however I can’t find my two T4 Archers which might have gone inside the foundations which is worse since if I break the bottom foundation, the structure collapses and I’d have to start over.

On another note, XP from crafting T3 blocks have been nerfed hard.

EDIT: Can we please have the thralls placed back to their original position prior to the big patch?

So it’s the patches that do that, I signed on today and so many of my thralls were missing or underneath were they were. They definitely need to do something, even following you they may path off a cliff and fall to their death, but it’s really annoying to sign in to dead thralls.

So yea captured thralls shouldn’t have fall damage

I am just chiming in to say I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. Thrall fall damage seems to be almost pointless. I can see the realism and the mechanic being useful in some very rare combat circumstances. However, the amount of times it is useful or used to punish a player for a bad decision is FAR less often than the times it happens when logging in or post update.

My suggestion would be to eliminate the fall damage until the game is stable enough to support updates more consistently. As it stands now, we have lost about 8 thralls to this on our current server.

I don’t know if the issue is removing their fall damage means only changing a global value to 0, but it is hardly fair for this issue to keep recurring for players who expect a finished-game feel with the full release of the game being implemented.

I love Funcom and the great work put into this game. They are awesome and I LOVE the game. Almost at 200 hrs now. I just want to have that finished game feel that I just don’t have yet.

(I’m still more than willing to support the game as updates and new DLCs come out. I stand by this game and it’s potential. I’ve been blown away by the new content since I played well over a year ago, so keep it coming!)