Please Remove Thrall Fall Damage

I know this has been posted before, but I feel like it needs to said again.

Hello devs! I have a request. Please remove the thrall fall damage! I have lost 2 thralls now. The first one was at shattered bridge. I crawled up one of the pillars to see what was up there (saw ghosts crossing a ghost bridge. neat.) And my follower appeared up as well. Didn’t think much of it. Climbed down. Noticed sometime later that my thrall wasn’t around anymore. Just poof! Gone! He was like lvl 16 with no real threats around. I couldn’t figure out what happened. Logs just say he died.

The second time was at the boundary spillway. I built an elevator so I could easily traverse the area with having to constantly climb. went up and down a few times without issue, but then one time I noticed my thrall did not make it to the top. What happened? You guessed it. Random death. It was after this point that I pieced together what had happened. My thralls had teleported to a bad spot, lost their footing, and plummeted to their deaths.

At this point, I’m not comfortable taking my thralls anywhere. The second one was a named thrall I had spent 24 hours breaking. I didn’t even get to use them for 24 hours before they went splat!

Please put in a protective measurement to help stop this if you can. It would be really appreciated so I can be comfortable taking my thralls out again.

Thanks again Dev’s for the fun game and your hard work!


Yes, remove this. Thralls should not take fall damage (Tower of bats f.i) nor die in lava.

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