Thrones of the Exiled
Server IP Address:

RP/PVP (24/7 PvP - Building Damage enabled 1st Sunday of the Month during 2 hour raid window)

  • Age Restrictions: We adhere to the MSRP rating of M
  • Location of Server: NA
  • Max capacity of server: 40
  • Discord (or other) Server:
  • No password - Active Admins - Regular server cleanup - no wipes
  • Events: 4-5 a week (including Weekly Baronial Meeting; PvP events; RP parties; Personalized story cookies)

Server Settings

  • XP rate: standard
  • Gathering Rate: x2
  • Day/Night Ratio: extended (1 hr day / 30 minute nights)
  • Hunger/Thirst settings: standard
  • Drop Equipment on Death: yes
  • God Avatars Enabled: no
  • Containers Ignore Ownership: yes
  • The Purge Activated: yes (max settings - 1 person must be online)

Peak Play Times: Nights and Weekends

Does the Server use Mods? no

Is there an application to join the server? no

Server Lore: Game lore. Exiles are living in a penal colony. Bracelets prevent escape (even upon death). Some have been in these lands so long they amassed influence and control - Land Barons.

Server Rules Overview (for details see #server-rules in Discord):

  1. This is an RP-PvP Server
  2. Your character may be a dck - but you shouldn’t be a dck
  3. No kill on sight
  4. Build within reason
  5. Don’t block rare spawns
  6. No foundation/torch/sign/etc. spamming
  7. In game is In Character

Discord also includes rules on becoming a Land Baron as well as the current Barons and territory map.