[PC] Asylum Exiles RP-PvP Server

Hey there we are currently building a new server from the ground up. We have some ideas in place as you can see below. If you would like to start on a fresh RP server and be part of the growth this is the place for you.
We are looking for all types of players. Want more info join the Discord or you can stop by the stream on Twitch-RoycePlays 930pm est where we will be working on the server.

Name of Server: Asylum Exiles RPPvP


Age Restrictions:18+

Location of Server: NA, though because of a bug showing EU

Max capacity of server:70

Website:Coming Soon

Is the server pass worded or open? Pass worded

Server Settings
XP rate:1x
Gathering Rate:5x
Day/Night Ratio: .5/1.5
Hunger/Thirst settings: .5/.5
Drop Equipment on Death:Yes
God Avatars Enabled:No
Containers Ignore Ownership:No
The Purge Activated:No

Peak Play Times: EST Evening to Late Night

Does the Server use Mods? Yes

Is there an application to join the server? Not currently

Server Lore:
Exile, you come to these lands in a time of great tension, the six grand theocracies vie for power and control in these lands, raising vast fortresses and mighty champions to claim and defend their territories.

The Devotees of Set, the Old Serpent reign in the far west presiding over their city, The Yoggite cannibals hold sway over the central desert gathering sacrifices to appease their eldritch god, The Church of Mitra hold claim to the Oasis and surrounding lands, constructing a giant avatar that Mitra may inhabit it and smite their foes. Followers of Ymir lurk to the north in the fertile fields and frozen wastes beyond the great wall coming down from the north in raiding parties to enslave and pillage, To the far east followers of Crom mark their territory, though they do not decorate their lands with idles and tributes, for Crom asks naught of them. Finally the Cult of Derketo, lurking deep in the swamps, conducting their perverse ceremonies and fertility rites.

Exile, Follow the road, any road, all lead to conflict and conquest, pledge yourself to one of these mighty theocracies and make your mark upon the world.

Ancient enmity between the followers of Set and Mitra threaten to boil over as border skirmishes happen in and around the mountain ridge serving as territorial borders, Disciples of Yog face new challenges as Ymir’s raiders encroach upon their slaving grounds while Crom and Derketo squabble over the riches of the jungles.

Threats lurk on all sides Exile, will you bury the hatchet and resolve these long standing feuds, turn yesterdays enemy into tomorrows friend? Or conquer all who stand against you, subjugate them and see them driven before you?

Server Ruleset: Still being developed