[PC][US]Realm of the Exiled RP/PvP x2Crafting/EXP/Gathering

Realm of the Exiled 18+ RP/PvP
Greetings fellow gamers and roleplayers,
We are currently primarily based around the Roleplaying community, with PvE/PvP Aspects.
Roleplay will be Semi-Serious(We are still primarily focused on RP 90% of the time) Why Semi-Serious: We are all human and at points in time we cannot take our selves seriously, gives room to joke around every once and a while. I only ask those that do at times to keep it at a lesser level and not to mess around with those you don’t know.
Server/Community name: Realm of the Exiled RP-PvP/PvE
Server size: 40(Will be raised with no problem depending on how many active players)
Discord: discord.gg/ED6BsGa (Guilds/clans may get their own private channels upon request.)
Steam group: steamcommunity,.com/groups/Realmoftheexiled
Server Settings: x2 Harvest Rate, x2 XP Rate, Day/Faster Night Cycle time, ETC, for the most part have their own custom settings, Most server settings such as XP rate, Harvest rate, crafting time are all increased to x2 roughly. Most other settings have been adjusted to better suit the servers needs and make it a better experience overall.
Building damage/PVP is currently disabled to cut back on the building destruction/greifing.(Peoples hardwork going to waste)
Feel free to comment any ideas, questions, or concerns and i will try to reply when i am available.
Feel free to let me know if you would be interested.
Server Wipes: There will be NO server wipes unless the Developers require it, or if there is a game breaking issues that can only be solved by a server wipe.
——————Server Rules——————
• Act Mature: No flaming, raging, offensive imagery, racism, sexism, homophobia etc.
• No cheating: This includes hacks, glitches, scripts, etc.
• Be Respectful: Don’t be cruel to other players OOC, do not insult or attack other players OOC, and use your common sense when speaking to others. Remember that this is a game and we are here to have fun not hurt others for simply having different views or opinions.
• No blocking spawn areas, this includes player spawns and NPC spawns.
• No Griefing: If you are preventing a player from playing the game, then you are Griefing. This includes keeping a player blocked in a cage, Re-naming signs that aren’t yours
• Respect Admins/Mods
• No stream sniping
——————PvP Rulesets——————
• No KoS(Unless at war/Conflict with another guild an/or Establishment)
• RP First(RP Initiation): Roleplay the scene before attempting to kill each others characters or guilds unless the character’s story previously depicts valid PvP. However, before any aggressive PvP is initiated even if there is prior history you must have dialogue. (Ex: Meeting of Guild/clan leader or a sent emissary to the other guild/clan to discuss manners before conflict is solidified)
• 10 Min Re-Engagement: If 10 minutes minimum has passed after the last conflict, verbal roleplay, etc. then the PvP interaction is considered over. If PvP is re-engaged then all rules must be followed including proper RP before PvP as this is considered a new PvP interaction and NOT a continuation of the old one.
• No offline raiding: Offline raiding is highly frowned upon as it does not encourage roleplay, if we catch you doing it you will be banned. If you wish to report a player for offline raiding, make sure you have sufficient evidence such as a witness or video, maybe a screenshot.
——————PvE Rulesets——————
• Do not cage NPC’s by building around them to hoard them for yourself, or to ignore it.
• Do not build on/around/in encampments owned by NPC’s. If i see this it will be destroyed and you may or may not be warned. This may act as your warning, you may be allowed to move it with a notice.
• No blocking areas to make them inaccessible. EX: Caves, Pathways, Tunnels.
• Do not claim an excess amount of land, even if you plan to build. Build as you progress.
• Do not build unnecessarily large towers.(Towers are fine, just don’t build them up to the sky)
• Again just use your common sense.
• Offensive thrall limit: 6, We are setting a limit of how many thralls players can have per settlement in terms of “offensive” or “guard” thralls. This does not include Dancers, Blacksmiths, Smelters, ETC… The main reason we are doing this is because i found that bases with a mass amount of thralls lags the server and the players when they load into that region filled with Thralls.
——————RP Rulesets——————
• Character death: In the event of your character being killed in an RP or RP/PvP situation it is up to YOU the player to determine if this death is permanent. You do not have to permanently kill your character because they died during RP. No one else can force you to give your character a perma-death. You can RP out their recovery in whatever way makes sense for the story, character, and situation in which the character “died”.
• Character names: Please give your character a serious name, if a player is found named something offensive against gender, race, religious, disability, or any other forms of bigotry or offensiveness. If found the player may be banned of sight, or given an opportunity to have their character re-named.
• New Life Rule: Upon death (By a Player), you are not allowed to visit the area containing your body for the next 5 minutes this is known as the NLR. Your home, however, stays in your possession. If you die in the vicinity of your home, respawn elsewhere You have no memory of your killer or any event leading up to your death.
• No MetaGaming: Metagaming is an “out of character” action where a player’s character makes use of knowledge that the player is aware of but that the character is not. Using the information gathered out of character in character is against the rules and strictly forbidden. Metagaming is cheating. If found Metagaming you will be in trouble!(edited) • No Power Gaming: Powergaming is the act of forcing an action or state on another player without their consent as well as the act of RPing something physically impossible or such.
• Valued life: You must act with care for your characters life at all times, example: It is just you alone and 3 bandits come up to your demanding valuables, you should listen to them as you are outmatched.(Unless you completely out-gear them)
• No roleplaying as famous people, or major plot characters: Ex: DO NOT RP as you being Conan the Barbarian, or any other major plot character of the novels, movies, or comic books. Also do not RP as a famous celebrity, be creative.

Please note: This server is on PC Only!