Throwing Axe / Jevelin

Hi guys, quick question: do Throwing Axes/Jevelins scale on Strength or Accuracy ?

I believe so, yes.

Javelins have a REALLY NICE knock-back effect too. Time your throws right and the enemy can never get to you before their ultimate defeat.

No, I mean … do they scale on Strength ? Or do they scale on Accuracy ?

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Accuracy I think. I looked it up once. It’s ranged so…

Javelin for melee attacks scales on strength. Thrown is accuracy. Throwing axe is never calculated into melee damage and its damage amount only comes into play when thrown. Thus, accuracy.


So basically the throwing axe when used an an offhand weapon only changes the mainhand weapon combo set?
And its damage in that regard doesn’t matter?

Cool, thx guys



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