Purpose of javelins?

I really like how you can fight spear and shield with javelin but is there a reason to throw a javelin? Arrows are cheaper for a ranged weapon. Do javelins inflict a status effect like bleed or cripple or is it that you can throw it at someone running away from you?

i think the point is more about the rapidity to switch between mele and range atack ?
Bow is more of an engage weapon, or you have 2-3 mate for protect you. Javelin or throwing axe make it an element of surprise.


I would use throwing axes over javelins because it takes your offhand slot. (Shield hand), So you can have a main onehanded out still.
Sadly throwing axes dont seem to be throwing correctly, Which they’ve addressed in a stream.

Also yes, I have seen javelins cripple. I’m not sure if its because of perk, or just a natural javelin status.

The reason you would use javelins and throwing axes over bows, are they fire ALOT faster, (both to throw and to fly to target) Plus with the implementation of bows aim unsteadying with movement.(which will be in test live, next patch)
They will defintely have a place in “chase them” fights.

Yes they are abit more painful to make, but overall they are alot more useful within situations you cant call “ranged fights”


Javelins have a nice little knockback on contact. We use them to friendly fire our clan-mates off of vertical elevators. Good times.


Ive got no problem with a wide range of additional weapons as long as we dont end up with godly spears again. there shouldnt ever be one weapon to use no matter what. Javelins should also be a main hand weapon that stacks. They were always used with a shield.

“there shouldnt ever be one weapon to use no matter what.” this is of course excluding play style. I am referring to game mechanics.

Javelins are great weapons, I hope FC adds Javelin for higher materials as well so we can use it in endgame!

Higher tiers are coming, including Star Metal and Ancient javelins :sunny:

Back before climbing the Yog Bone Spear used to be a really great way to knock a fleeing enemy to his death. I never did the javelin because it was too expensive PVP.

Now, the best part about a Jav is you could use it like a pike until it’s almost expended then toss it, freeing up a hotbar slot for a quick reload with another wep. If used with poison you could really give somebody a bad time.

Note: there is a problem on testlive where you can’t throw a javelin once poison has been applied. If you then add another jav to the stack, it somewhat irreversibly keeps you from being able to use that jav. Cross-link to testlive patch note.

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I had not realized that you could wield a jav and a shield. I learned something from this post. :+1:

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Does the javelin have cool combo animations too on the testlive update? I’ve watched a bunch of videos but I haven’t found one that shows the javelin.

My only issue with javelins is that they are very expensive to make and currently on live if you throw it then it’s gone, so it’s a big waste of materials.

If it’s possible why not make javelins and throwing axes not be consumable but you could still throw them. Even if they were 1 bar each to make you’d still be using a lot of material to play with the javelin compared to regular melee weapons.

Nahhh they are fine the way they are. Be thankful they stack now. If they were to easy to make, people would just max grit, and 6-7 hotslots purely on throwables.

As for the new combo animation, Yes. Yes it does. Its not super fancy but theres a few offset stabs.
(only 3 different (same) types of attacks and no heavy attack because thats start to throw i think)
Just quick stab/pierce straight jabs, But not the exact same motion for each)

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Light combo is stab-swing-stab.

I have not yet been able to completely verify, but it looks like javelins wielded as melee weapons benefit from accuracy rather than strength. Can anyone confirm?

Another thing I will just weigh in with here, is that even though the material cost is kinda high (lots of twine) it is generally accessible as a melee weapon before the iron broadsword is, and does a little bit more damage than the stone sword. This was a factor for me as a solo player, as making stronger weapons generally requires a base and access to iron. I usually make a few javelins that I can fight in melee with, and throw when I get the opportunity. It’s worked out generally well, as it can be wielded with a shield, as mentioned earlier. The downside is that there is no heavy attack, as it’s heavy attack is it’s throw.

Only played Testlive for an hour today so I did not have a chance to see if higher tiered javelins are like this, but the javelin itself looks like it got significantly cheaper. Still not as cheap as arrows but cheap enough that they make sense. They may even be too cheap compared to some comparable melee weapons.

Anyone know if balanced iron javelins still cost 20 iron? Are the cheaper prices intentional or a bug? Maybe they are honing in on a balanced cost? Javelins should be cheaper than melee because you can literally throw them away but more expensive than arrows because javelins can be used as melee weapons.

Javelins are crazy easy to make now. 5 branches, 2 stone, and 2 twine (or was it 2-5-2)? Yes please. With arrows (at least the flinthead ones) needing you to search around for bird nests to get feathers, I think they balance out fairly nicely.

I just wish they still stacked.

Maybe not stacking is the trade off?

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