So, Javelins are still pretty buggy. It’■■■■■ and miss that they’ll actually “throw” when you attempt to throw them. Right now I only have access to stone spears and am not sure if the issue persists into higher tiers but I’d imagine they do.

It what? Your word got censored. I’m not understanding the problem.

I just made a couple and they seem to work fine. I may be missing something though.
It’s interesting that Stone Spears are classified as “High Grade”.

Well, throwing them seems to work fine but I can’t recover them from living enemies and then they vanish quickly.

it’s weird that got censored tbh. What I typed was “it’s, hit and miss” without the comma. And For me they seem to only launch roughly 50% of the time when I throw them. It goes through the animation but sometimes doesn’t throw, while staying in the inventory, especially when I’m aiming at imps.

Ah, must be because of the S on “it’s” coming right before “hit”.
That’s a strange bug. I guess I haven’t noticed because I don’t really use the throwing weapons, they seem too weak to bother with.
I threw mine around about 15 times before it got stuck in a wolf and vanished. Not being able to pull it out of a living creature is lame. Hopefully they tweak the throwing weapons and make them viable options.

If you right click to throw a spear/javelin it is thrown but is not removed from your toolbar. Then you appear to have it in your hand and it will still use attacking animations for it but you do no damage. I would love to see this fixed.

Interesting, I haven’t seen that bug yet. When I was playing with the stone spear it was throwing properly. I remember thinking that they should stack… Probably to at least 5 or 10.
Sounds like an annoying bug for sure.