Throwing Weapons Bugged

Can you guys please fix throwing weapons?

  1. They are not stackable like arrows, for whatever reason. This makes no sense and I honestly think you guys just overlooked it.

  2. If you use a throwing weapon now, the weapon will stay in your offhand after you throw it. You can still “use” it which actually uses stamina but it does nothing now. To fix you have to un-select it then re-select it on your hotbar for it to properly vanish.

  3. When creating, can they be made into a stack of 10 like arrows as well? Or any number other than just one at least? Some are pretty expensive for what we get; a non-stackable bugged throwing weapon.

  4. Arc of the projectile. The arc seems really… off. If you’re throwing it at someone directly in front of you, the weapon will fly way over them in a gigantic arc. Kind of how old bows used to be.

Not sure if this was overlooked or not but would like confirmation that it’s at least being looked at or working as intended, which would be horrible.