Tier 3 altar question

Newer player here hoping someone can help out. Yesterday I tried to upgrade to my first tier 3 altar. It’s an Ymir altar and I deposited all the required materials and started the upgrade. Everything seemed fine but the progress bar stopped at about 90%. I was hoping the over night server restart might help, but it didn’t. There was an event log after the restart about me building the altar or something similar.

Is there some unlisted requirement I need to fulfil to get the progress to finish? I play on an official pvp server.

I feel like that’s a bug. Don’t feel bad, noticing bugs is good for the game.

I made sure all the feats for the Ymir religion were purchased. They are and have been. Can anyone think of any requirements im missing? You wouldnt think It would let me start the upgrade if I didnt meet all requirements,. It does seem to be a bug

The easiest solution here would be to remove it from the queue. It will put the materials back, then start it again. Tier 3 altar should take 10 minutes tops.

I upgraded a Set yesterday. It went off without a hitch. Except for that jump forward thing one foundation. It still did that.

Upgraded a tier 1 Set altar to t2 & t3 last Sunday and expected it to leap and it didn’t do so on either upgrade, had made space for the jump :slight_smile:

oh nice i didnt know it would refund my mats if i remove it from the queue. ill do that as soon as i am at my base. if it still bugs out at 90%, are there in game GM’s that could come and give me a tier 3 altar?

No there’s no admins on official servers.

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