Tier 3 altar to Set disappeared

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: between oasis and the Aquaduct

I ground out a tier 3 altar of set and when I made it, the tier 2 altar consumed all of my materials and then disappeared. I don’t know If this a persistent issue, but I don’t want to grind it all out again for it to disappear a second time.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. grind for hours
  2. craft the teir 3 altar
  3. Leave because it takes forever to craft
  4. come back and take all of your antidotes out the the bag that is left where your altar is supposed to be
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Same thing happened to me. I hade to put it on foundations for it to work

thanks for the tip if i build it again in the future i’ll try that

Be aware that the Set level 3 alter places itself about one foundation space FORWARD of where the tier one and tier two alters sit … so when building your foundation platform (or placing on the ground) ensure you have enough space in front for it to spawn on. And that no one is logged out on it !! (Another player said their clan mate was unconscious on their alter during the upgrade and it didn’t spawn but instead left a bag with the new alter + other items in the bag).
Though I have seen (and commented in) another report of t3 alters failing to spawn where the user said they had left space…so not ruling out a bug.

yeah there was ample space for it to spawn out front, I dont know, it worked the second time

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