Time of Kurak replacement

So I’ve misplaced my tome of kurak, but when I went back to the cave I couldn’t get another one. I am really hoping that you don’t just get one only? Because that is a problem lol

Any suggestions? Can I craft one?


You can craft new tomes in the thaumaturgy bench.

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No that’s actually not correct. The “tome” option in the sorcery bench is to upgrade your tome, not to create a new one.

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Hmm. You’re right.
I wonder what the heck I was looking at that made me believe you could make a tome. Something fooled me, and now I got no idea what it even might’ve been. Weird.

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I made that mistake too. The tome icon appears as though it is a recipe, so it could easily be mistaken as a recipe for a replacement tome, when in fact it is for creating new spells. So at first glance you might think it is no big deal to lose your original copy of the tome.

Big mistake.

Funcom please relabel the existing tome icon in the sorcerer bench to be clearly marked as a new spell recipe, and then add another new icon for crafting new tome books (perhaps with some options for different aesthetic choices like the staff?)

Thank you!


There is a recipe for a new Tome OK, but strangely you can see it only when you “make all recipes available” in Admin mode (it’s after the last spell). IDK why one should craft a new Tome when he/she already has all the spells. But if you play in a clan all of you can use the same Tome for your progress independently from one another (and if you play in SP you can admin-spawn it).

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