TIme to throw another #spellchekker on the BBQ

I’ve found a few typos/detail errors on current testlive (pretty sure they’ve been around for a while). Figured they’re best listed as a single thread.

  1. Longshot - delved bow - Description, flavor text, line 4 - the word ‘B?lit’ appears - this should be Belit (with a circumflex accent over the ‘e’ - the system presumably didn’t like the encoding for the accented letter)

  2. Journey, chapter 4 (all of these relate to the instructions given before completing the journey step)

    a) Dye an item - description tells player to make dye in a firebowl cauldron, which is no longer possible

    b) Catch a fish - ‘If you have a fish trap you can use it to catch fish. Just place it in some water and wait.’ - this is incorrect, as fish traps have to be baited

    c) Plant seeds - ‘Seeds can be placed in a planter and over time they will grow into plants that can be harvested. Using compost or fertilizer will speed the process.’ As far as I am aware, compost is required. Compost and fertilizer are the same thing in the game (so calling for both may cause confusion). Also, it should be ‘speed up the process’ - but ‘speed the process’ may be colloquially acceptable, so is probably fine, since the meaning is clear.

    d) Sleep in a bed - ‘Beds are much more powerful than bedrolls and do not despawn once they have been used’ - is this correct? (I don’t think I’ve ever had a bedroll despawn, but maybe I don’t use them enough…)

    e) Mine all the iron in a node - ‘Iron deposits in the world have a metallic grey.’ - I suspect that should be ‘…metallic grey color.’ (or ‘hue’, ‘tone’) or could just change ‘have’ to ‘are’.

All of the other journey steps before this point looked ok - there were a couple I didn’t get to check before they completed, but they were things that haven’t changed in a long time so should hopefully be ok. If I find any others as I continue on, I’ll post again.

  1. Dune Hunter Outfit
    I’m not sure this one is necessarily a #spellchekker issue - I think they’ve actually labelled correctly and the bonuses on a couple of pieces have got mixed around.
    Specifically - bonuses from all pieces of base game Dune Hunter Outfit match correctly with descriptions. Epic is another story:
    Turban - description lists Strength - actual bonus is +1 Accuracy
    Tunic - description says Accuracy and Agility - actual bonus is +1 Strength, +1 Accuracy
    Gloves - description says Accuracy and bonus matches
    Leggings - description says Strength and Accuracy - actual bonus is +1 Accuracy, +1 Agility
    Shoes - description says Accuracy - actual bonus is +2 Strength.

Based on comparisons with the base tier set, and other armors, it seems likely that the Epic Turban and Shoes have had their bonuses switched, and that the Epic Tunic and Leggings have had their bonuses switched.

If I find anything else, I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

Edit: Shh! Nobody mention the ‘totally intentional’ proofreading error in the thread title of a proofreading thread…

Edit2: Added e) under journey steps (iron node)



Thank you for your detailed report. We already forward all the information to our team.

We appreciate your support. Have a great week! :slight_smile:


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