Timeline for the new patch till normal

  1. September it releases, Server will automatically update, the devkit will be released soon after it.
    How many mods will be broken after the patch? Patch is tuesday, what can we expect for friday?
    I am pretty new to the game, how do you handle such patch times? I just extendend our server for another 30 days and now we dont know what to expect for the next week. We are comfortable to start from scratch, some mates wanna join there anyways new.
    Actually we are running around 20 mods, cant imagine to play without the most of them.

What are your experiences with the last patches? Are all mods broken generally or just some? How long does such a trasition take until essentially things running?
Is it maybe better to deactivate the automatic update at the server and just chill and wait?

The dream would be to have a fresh server, all running fine with all mods at thursday or friday.

They announced in yesterday’s stream that they are intending to release the dev kit earlier then usual to help mod authors gain a couple of days (doesn’t guarantee we will have our mods updated though, just gives us a few days extra in advance). They ran into issues with the upload, Epic and Funcom have both been working on it a lot to try and resolve it. With any luck we’ll have the dev kit update out soon.

As to your question, depends on what the mods edit and do and if they are maintained. That can really vary, and you will just need to monitor the mod pages to the ones you are subscribed to.

1 day since patch, is there anything coming?
Did i get it right? Before the dev dont update the devkit, modders cant update their mods, right?

FC released devkit before the patch. Some modders updated their work before, still some tweaks are beeing made on quite a few of them. For a stable situation, I’d wait a week or two if you’re on modded servers. Right now, there’s quite a few issues with fatal errors crashing the game, but, some are mod-related and others are not, so it is hard to give a set time when everything will work more or less stable again. Have patience. We are experiencing lots of fatal errors in our server due to various situations, so it will take time until it’s all figured out (we have lots of mods too, like 15-20).


Reading comments on many mods actually. It goes from “allready patched” to “got hit very hard by the patch”. Emberlight has taken a critcal hit it seems. Most of them say they need some time but not to much.

Not so that bad at all, couldt be worse.

Ya, the true scope of things affected really didn’t come into clearer view until the bug reports started rolling in on all the mods. We’ll get it sorted eventually.


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