TIP: Re-enable slaves to be equipped with weapons

As I said several times, I’ve been playing Conan since the 1st day of early access, and one of the biggest passages of early access was withdrawn when the game was launched, which is to equip slaves with weapons and shields, and they stay equipped .

This has already been explained that it was withdrawn because of the PVP, once again funcom killing its PVE because of a PVP, unlike other games that focus clearly on PVE, the real base of survival games, fixed, solid and lasting.

It turns out that as in everything you should treat PVP and PVE as different universes, with different tastes, opinions and needs, because that is how it is, I would like to have the option to be able to keep my slaves “armed” again, I always found it fun to combine weapons and shields … and especially that each weapon has a different “animation”, and you could even “improve this idle animation of each weapon, that just gives the castle more” life “, they move and earn more” personality".

Just a simple option “keep the slave armed”, I select from the slave menu and he remains with his weapon displayed in a fixed way, whoever does not want does not select.

The game has beautiful weapons, and this is completely “lost” since during the game the agent cannot see it, you need a LOT to turn to your PVE, STOP harming and capping the PVE for the benefit of the PVP, it is an icocent attitude , immature and suicidal in the long run, no one should be “forgotten”, but stop harming one game mode for the sake of another, simply act in 2 ways for 2 different ways and different goals of playing.

Hugs to everyone, I’m very “looking forward” to start seeing Scott Júnior’s work in the game, we already have 3 months of “waiting” it is time to start seeing something being shown, not necessarily the new map, especially because we don’t want to anticipate this, we expect a lot from this update, especially graphically speaking, for 2016/2017 the Conan graph was incredible, in 2020 the vegetation of the game especially is very out of the current standard, I play with a 2080 and I always feel the game “blurred” and I will check if everything is in “ultra” and is to my surprise.

I love the game but I want to start to feel that it is really doing something to stay in my daily priority to be played, the “double xp event”, as I said before was silly, but it was “cool” silly at least we saw that there is an interest in the game to show that it has some concern with the players, and on a daily basis this does not seem to exist.

Big hug to all and work hard, because we love Conan, but you do a lot to make our unrequited love with funcom difficult, unfortunately this is the cruel feeling that we all have.


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They could regularly arm themselves and disarm randomly, their animation arming is also cool, so the game would alternate the 3 animations, the “already standard” of unarmed NPCs, the arming and disarming animation and his animation "with the weapon “, that would make the bases much more” alive “and and the game more organic in the sense that at all times your castle has” movement “and is different, work a lot in the game, make it more” alive and busy " game is very still, static and lifeless, without randomness, and this is very boring.


they could even include the classic poses of the conan in the animation of slaves qualified to release weapons, it would be very interesting.

The horses could “rear” also regularly, it is a very beautiful animation and as we do not use the horses because they cannot use slaves and especially because guiding the horse through the keyboard and not through the mouser is boring and tiring, this charm of the game is lost.


The “Age of Calamitous” mod added several animations to the slaves, including the one holding the sword that “imitates” another statue from the game, if they did you can do it too, hugs

Displaying weapons and shields and animating slaves at the base should be the “standard” mode in PVE with the possibility of disabling the slave.

And in PVP being the default mode does not display, but with the possibility of enabling the slave if you want, so everyone wins!

System that should be the same to guide the horses, in the PVE guide with the mouser as a standard with the possibility of switching to the keyboard, and in the PVP guide by the keyboard as a standard with the possibility of switching to the mouser.

First of all sorry for my regular low English, because maybe in the way i didn’t quite understand what is the suggestion :joy::joy::joy:. However i have to say that i am really happy that i meet another elder of this game. It is true that the game, when it comes to regular weapons, has a fantastic - splendid work. They are all unique designed and shaped, thing that you do not find in legendaries, since their design is repeated some times. I have fixed some museums and i can verify my words. I believe that, sword of crom - predatory blade - Yogs name, should have a unique design. No other weapon should look like them. Anyway i don’t want to miss my point here, in my museums the ‘stone age’ weapons on racks was always the ones with the greatest admiration. They are so beautiful, especially the darfari ones and they make the biggest impression. All this comes to the conclusion that we, the players that really love the games belongings , we do not want this weapons to be passed without respect, still this is how we see the game and we cannot blame the others that they don’t. Every player find different interests in this game and it should be this way to have the popularity that it needs and continue creating goodies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. So, nice to meet you my friend, i am really sure we ’ ll be in touch from now on :+1:.

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I also like this idea. Why not have the option, at a minimum?

I will say this…I like a lot of what this game has to offer, but there are some things that really make me wish they followed ARK’s lead. There are strengths and weaknesses with the building aspect, compared to ARK. But you have way more control over followers in ARK. If animals are following you, they don’t attack everything in sight, unless you set them to do so. I’ve never seen anyone choose to do so, when their animals are on follow. You want control over them. I am really tired of the extreme aggro range of followers. I attack 3 or 4 NPCs, and the follower turns, and runs off to fight another group of NPCs a good distance away. Or, just after you kill the group, he then decides to go on a seek and destroy mission. You try to run away to get him to follow, but you hear him kill somebody before you can get far enough away to make him warp to you. So, you go back to see who he killed, and there lies a T4.

Some might say to go in with truncheons only, but that causes a new problem. Now you have a bunch of unconscious NPCs all over the place. They must be killed to cause new thralls to spawn. I am sick of that mechanic. Why can’t my follower actually follow? Why can’t I choose to have his aggro range reduced when following me? I can do that with ARK, and Atlas. I can also direct followers to attack a specific target. I can direct the follower to be passive. Etc…

Some people don’t like the warping, but I do actually like that followers don’t get hung up, and lost. That was the one weakness of ARK followers. They could get hung up on rocks, or trees, and you would have to backtrack to find them, and then get them unstuck.

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I am well aware of this problem that you reported, the worst thing is when you exchange the sword for a club and after that the slave will no longer hit anything, just keep the club in hand.

This is certainly another point to be improved in the slave system, the idea of the slave system is very good, unfortunately it needs to be greatly improved, unfortunately funcom did not improve it and improved it over time, the slave management page is a small step was a nice addition.

Now we certainly want more alive slaves, more interactive in our bases as I mentioned above, and also more efficient and intelligent in combat, funcom has a lot to work on, the game is good, but it needs evolutions, evolutions that hardly happen, this is very sad, because we love the game and at the same time we feel it doesn’t move towards keeping us excited about it!

And adding to the idea, future DLCs could also come with weapons that add new animation to their slaves stationed at the base.

This would make them much more attractive to buy, a beautiful sword and with a unique animation of the slave at rest, this would be very attractive both for the reason you see the sword, or ax … in the hand of the slave and not stored in your inventory , as for wanting that specific animation.

And just as they did with “horse saddles” they should retroactively add a unique animation to each existing DLC ​​of each category, long and short sword, daggers, ax, spears … each weapon category of each DLC has its own animation of the slave at rest at the base, that is, with a 2-handed sword from the Khithana DLC the slave would behave in a different way, with a 2-handed sword from the Aquiliana DLC, it would behave differently, and so on, each DLC past and future to have a specific animation at rest, and so with each weapon category, short and two-handed swords, daggers, spears, axes, maces … you increasingly need to make DLCs attractive and worth buying construction mouthpieces are no longer exciting.

the game needs to evolve a lot in this aspect of “personality” needs to give more and more life and personality to the slaves, just like any game map that is stopped and lifeless the slaves are still stopped and lifeless, it was an improvement they 'move "after all they looked like mannequins at the base, it was an improvement but it is time to evolve the slave system, make them more and more organic, busy and with personality, so that we feel on a living and moving base, especially that 90% of people play the game alone and we don’t see other players while being played, for weeks or months, when another player passes by is so “different” that we stop and watch him pass.

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