Tips for dealing with meshing

The official server we play on has recently gained a new clan and have been killing off all the population of the server from within there mesh base in the top left of grid J7. Any one got any tips or ideas on how to deal with this?

We had this a few months ago on our server too, they were part of a PS group of about 60 or so members, all separating out into groups and wiping servers from different under mesh spots, unfortunately the only “counter” I can think of is to just create body vaults and store all your loot until they get bored and leave the server, it’s not exactly an honest way to deal with it but I figure if people are going to play the under mesh game then it’s only fair you play dirty too.

Yes, report them to Funcom.

thanks im doing it now :slight_smile:

do you know how long it usually takes for someone to take action on the report

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