Tips on how to spend RL money?

Everything is discounted in the shop, so I’m thinking maybe it’s worth dropping 10 or 15€ on this game, but I need some advice. If I don’t intend to spend any more money, what are the best purchases I can make? Something that will let me play, even if at my own pace. I’m thinking maybe a character slot so I can play around with classes but… Is there anything else that really improves the experience that’s worth getting?

There are a lot of great games on steam for 10-15$ that aren’t supported by a dogshlt company that doesn’t care about customers.

I was afraid this would be the answer, but fair enough. I just like the game and thought there’d be a way to spend money wisely, like you can in SWTOR (Spent a little money in that game and got hundreds of hours of entertainment). I even thought of getting a subscription, but I can’t justify the expenditure when I know the game is beyond life support.

Are there really no microtransaction worth getting?

The tip I would give is to NOT give this shameful company money.

The extra content so you have more play area and some variety when leveling alts.