Is the sub fee worth it?

Is the sub fee worth it?
Hey I’m new to this game and i really like it. (its def from others) I’m thinking about paying the $15 sub fee on the first is it worth it? What all do you get.

A lot. Let me think about some of the coolest things:
8 hour cooldown to repeat missions instead of 62-64ish of f2p
Daily cache key (this alone makes patron worth it)
More AP/SP for actives and passives coupled with 20% more xp
More chestkeys for every form of group content excluding the raid
Free porting (useful in the beginning)
Better Auction house taxes
Another agent slot
Cabalbank access/Able to make a cabal
Can get auction house purchases everywhere

So…is it worth it…YES…it’s not impossible to get stuff as f2p but it can take far longer. There are a few other bonuses that I have forgotten but doesn’t change it that I think for the cost that patron is high value if you are playing the game regulary or semi-regulary

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I would go opposite and say it is not worth it. Or to be more precise it is somehow worth it in first stages of the game only…

I am end gamer 1400+ with nearly all agents and nearly finished museum. And I was subbed only for 2 months. I had never problem with lack of shards/MoFs. I had never problem with longer cooldowns, because there is a lot of quests in game and you can put all fat ones into three days. I play daily and I had never too much time to run all fat quests in 1 day. Maybe if I would play 12 hours in a day. :slight_smile:

I would say objectively it is worth it. The amount of bonuses you get for it, whether or not you like them/care for them, are worth the sub. Subjectively it depends on how you play, and if you get to use all those bonuses. It is very doable to play as f2p, you will just be going at a slower pace than those that sub, which isn’t nessecarily a bad thing. Now if you wanna reach the end asap, then the sub is what you are looking for, but personally i wouldn’t recommend being in a hurry :wink:

At the cost of 12.99Euro, each day for 30 days you get.
1x Cache Key (1 Key is worth ~ 1.25 Euro, or a total of 37.5 Euro for all 30 keys.)
+20% Marks of Favour from Challenges (total of 12000MoF instead of 10000)
+10% XP (XP gives you AP and SP)
2x AP and SP gain (each time you get AP or SP, you get extra)
+15% Anima Shards from Missions.
Unlimited Free Anima Leaps and Teleports (costs shards for f2p)
Refill to 18 Dungeon keys each day = 3 full dungeons (f2p gets 10 = 1 dungeon + 4 Bosses)
Refill to 3 Scenario keys each day (f2p gets 2 keys)
Refill to 6 Lair keys each day (f2p gets 3, most lairs do 6 bosses for 6 keys)
6 Healing potion capacity (f2p have 3)
50% discount on Healing potions (costs MoF)
8h mission CD (f2p is 3days i believe?)
Free global Auction House delivery (f2p need to pick up in Agartha)
Access to Cabal Bank (f2p can’t use Cabal Bank, other than viewing)

There is so much stuff included, that it can be hard to make use of all of it, unless you have nothing better to do. The keys as you can see easily make up for it in money, but if you don’t care for the Caches, then it looses it’s value. All of it is nice to have more than need to have.

I find it worth it when I have the time to play. The great thing about the sub is that you can dip in and out as you want and need. For example, I’m heavily busy with work recently, so cancelled the sub, but I’ll start up again when I have a couple of weeks off in January.

I would go for it, and if, during the month, you find it’s not worth it, it’s really simple to cancel.

Extremely useful in the first few months of gameplay especially during your progress through the story and as you acquire skills for your weapons. The usefulness drops off considerably in late game though and you will be able to judge when that happens. Most endgame progress is shard neutral, you have most all the AP/SP you need and daily cache keys grant a very negligible boost vs running content at your ip lvl

If you are going to play a lot - as in a few hours on most days, including running dungeons and such - then a sub is definitely worth it.
If you are only going to log in on the weekends for a few hours of play, then a sub is probably not worth it.

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Is it needed? Not at all. I had a life time subscription in TSW which carried over to SWL. I did however not activate it until after a few months, just so I could get a feel for how the F2P experience was in this new installation of the game. It was no trouble at all playing as F2P.

Does it help? Yes, especially in regards to leveling your gear faster.

Is it worth it? Well, that all depends if you like the game and how much you play it. Where I live $15 is cheaper than a ticket to the movies. Like it, play it some hours each month? Go ahead and support it I say.


thanks guys I’m going 2 give a try 2 see if i like it and go from thr you all were a big help thxc

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I’m just having problem subbing

Wait, are you saying you can’t make a cabal or input/withdraw from a cabal bank without being a patron? That’s news to me. (I am able to view my cabal’s bank, but as I’ve only been with them for 4-5 days, I’m still the lowest rank with no access. They’re awesome though, so I’ve already received and donated and received again. :slight_smile: )

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Correct. Part of making life hard for gold sellers i would guess. But ask Any patron in cabal =), im sure they will help if they ok you getting something.

It’s a silly one…I mean I get restricting creation to patron but bank access is rough especially since it’S so easy circumvented by just having a patroncabal mate middle man.

I suspect that the true reason behind the cabal bank access restriction is to prevent people from using free accounts as personal bank space expansions.

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Doesn’t creating a cabal in the first place still cost 1k aurum and require patron? So there are gates in place…and if free bank space is a problem why canpatrons create one man cabals?

It’s odd…

Uh it does not cost aurum last i checked =P. Not sure if it requires patron to create one though.

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There are no fees for creating a cabal and I’m not aware that there ever were any.

You do have to be a patron to create a cabal, but there’s nothing stopping you from getting a patron to create a cabal for you and give you leadership.

As for why patrons are allowed to have cabals to themselves, I assume it’s because there’s a hard limit to how much you can (ab)use it, with a maximum of eight characters per account, and the need to continue paying to keep access.

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How much of a factor is that, really? With the… limited… player base of SWL, I’m inclined to think that a fairly sizable portion of that might be legacy lifetime players.

Perhaps not heavily limiting cabal functions for new players would be better in the long run? I mean, I do hear cabals help with things like community building…

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The use of cabals which Aeryl was talking about was in reference to being able to use cabals as free bank space. Changing it so that any account could create a cabal wouldn’t assist in community building if all that was happening was people were making bank alts. As it is there’s no shortage of cabals out there atm. Having an active cabal community is great for new players. Giving more function and purpose to cabals rather than making them simply being about bank space would be a better community improvement.

Or giving us more bank space for ingame currency so we don’t have to look at the cabal and decide “$50 worth of slots or a real cabal”

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