Is the sub fee worth it?


Maybe as a 30 day log in reward bonus we could have 5 bank slots lol :smiley:


to be honest, play the game for a bit first, many of the bonuses (keys and whatnot) you wont be using for some time.
once you feel you got a handle on the game and what it offers, get the sub!


If it wasn’t for my Grandmaster lifetime account, I would have left this game ages ago, and I definitely wouldn’t have paid the monthly sub. It was worth it in TSW, here it’s not. The only reason I log in now it for the daily cache key.


Oh, they have. I was just thinking ahead for if I wanted to start a cabal of my own.

I love the Cookies, though.

Thanks for the response!

@NomenLuni I agree. I didn’t have the cash for Grandmaster back then, but it looked super worth it. The current sub not really. If I really wanted some aurum fast I could sub for a month and then pop out, but that’s about it. (I wonder if that would work for cabal creation too… Do you keep it afterwards…???)


You’d keep the cabal, just lose the bank access. And subbing wouldn’t give you aurum, unless you count the extra MoF you’d get, with which you could buy aurum…


Oh it doesn’t? I thought it came with 1000 or something. (Or like 100?)

Sucks about losing the cabal bank, but I guess kinda makes sense.


TSW’s membership came with 1200 monthly “Bonus Points” (equivalent to Funcom Points but with a 6-month expiration date and unsuitable for gifting). SWL’s patron doesn’t include any premium currencies.