To the dev that got the thralls to swim

Just, thank you. Take a smoke break, whatever you’re burning, you deserve it.




They swim sometimes on PS4 too… But only sometimes :smiley: Sometimes enemies also start and then stop and are underwater :smiley:

So my guess is, that on Testlive they ALWAYS swim with you? Sounds nice!

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Jot, sorry, the answer to that specific question is no. What happens is the thrall waits on the shore, then as you approach land suddenly the thrall is swimming nearby, immediately available for combat.

It’s nice, I feel all warm and cuddly :slight_smile:




I have noticed this. It happens sometimes when you are in shallow waters and you use the return command. I was also surprised to see them swimming but in my experience they still don’t jump in the water right after you. It is more under certain circumstances but they do seem to get better at it. :eyes:

On ps4 at least last week we had to wait for the thralls to show up. As in running around on the beach. That was below a camp

Your mileage may vary?

Different places, all up and down the newb river, they are instantly at my side 90% of the time. Shallow water they are running with me; slight incline, they swim with me; steep incline, they warp to me quickly.



Red mother is getting better also, or maybe its the thrall commands are working better. Well at least.

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