Toggled option to see ping and server FPS

Many of us used to rely heavily on the “toggledebug HUD” console command, With console commands being removed from players, would it be possible to make it something on our UI we can turn on or off?

Server FPS when building a base was convenient as it gave us an idea of when we were approaching ‘too much’ on our build.


Some graphics cards have hotkey for you to turn your fps on, although that doesn’t show you the server fps. Sadly the toggledebug hud was stated that it was an admin feature and that we weren’t ever suppose to be able to access it. I believe it was removed because people were using the toggledebug hud 2 feature to see building pieces which allowed to easily scout for bases in pvp. Sadly as it also was used to help find sky and undermesh bases.

Didn’t even need it for that. Either carry around a placeables or the build hammer.

I used it for many reasons. To see the player count and server lag as it fluctuated.

It was most useful in finding skybases like you said.


ToggleDebugHud is a tool that admins can use to see if their server is experiencing a bit of issues. Its pretty much a ‘poor man’s warning system’. The only part of it useful to the players is the ping. And I do believe the ping should be shown in some form to the players whenever they need to see it.

The other information isn’t useful to players. Many players try to use server FPS to see if they are building too much. This isn’t to be helpful for that, you’re not going to see that tick down piece by piece, or 10 pieces, 100 pieces, 1,000 pieces, or whatever. Maybe if you check every 100,000 pieces you might see a difference. But if you’re building that much, on most servers you are overbuilding and will likely get a visit from an admin about it.

Players who think they’ve seen a difference are misattributing something else. Either another player logged in, teleported to a busy area, purge happening somewhere, or some other even that would tick down the FPS while they are building.

What people really want to do is have a means to dump on the server they are playing on by looking at the FPS and thinking they are smart and know when and why the server is crapping out on them. Without access to logs and without access to the server files, they are pretty ignorant to understand exactly what needs to be done. All players need access to is to play the game as normal, and report issues as they see them. Not seeing some number and trying to interpret something while lacking the context.

Right now the people who need to see the server FPS can still see it. And while it doesn’t exactly hurt the game in anyway to allow non-admins to use the command. It does cause a bit of headache for server admins when their playerbase uses it out of context.

What should happen is there should be a white list of server commands useable by non-admins. And then server owners can decide if they want their players access to this or not. As well as fix the little exploit that let’s players use this command anyway.


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