"token failed" server transfer error

Online official
North America
Xbox One S

Received a “token failed” message when importing character during transfer. Only a level zero, unnamed character is available for download and I have not proceeded any further at this point. Lots of gear and recipes on this character.

My character and server info are:
Original server- 7052
Destination server- 2811
Character name- Belit
Clan name (both servers)- Ravencrest

  1. My first transfer between these same servers worked fine.
  2. About 72 hours later, maxed out encumbrance on original server and loaded up gear.
  3. Transfered then was returned to home screen.
  4. Immediately loaded up destination server to downloaded character then received error message.

Hello @BoognishMang420, welcome to the forums!

You’ll need to submit a ticket at → Zendesk, Click me! ←
Report your problem by selecting “character transfer issues” from the drop down menu and providing your ID/platform so they can help you further.


Ok, tyvm.