TOO FEW animals in Single Player version of the Isle of Siptah

Game mode: [SELECT ONE] Single-player
Type of issue: [SELECT ONE] Bug
Server type: [SELECT ONE] PvE
Region: Europe
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

I’ve noticed before that there are too few animals on the Isle of Siptah in SP game compared with Early Access. Today I’ve got evidence that it’s a bug.

Yesterday I’ve watched Wak4863 channel on Youtube. He makes his videos on his own server. There is one place where he hunted Komodos:

I went there to get some Ichor and found no Komodos at all, just a couple of Gazelles:

As you see I use mods so I decided to do some testing. I’ve started a new game without any mods and used Cloak and Admin teleport to check things. Here is my screenshot of the same place on the map:

No mods, no Komodos, just nothing. I’ve found a Panther and a cub here, but not a single Komodo. Looks strange, as if some static spawn points work (the ones for Wild Boars in E7 near the small camp with Heker the Henpecked for example) and other “dynamic” ones do not work (there is not a single Dog in C8 for example). I’ve never noticed such problem in the Exiled Lands by the way.


Hey @Ko6ka

We’re aware of this one and we managed to find a repro case for it just recently. It’s in our list of issues we want to fix based on community feedback in the near future, but it’s turning out to be quite tricky to find the culprit for it.
TLDR: We’re looking into it, but no ETA yet. :sweat_smile:


Glad to see you back @Ignasi

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It has to be related with one of the past updates.

If I remember correctly there was one about performance in Siptha and that was when this bug started. What it’s seems weird to me is that single player Exile Lands works perfectly but single player Siptha is having this bug.

I hope and wish it will be fixed when you release the next patch. Fingers crossed.


Our current lead is one of the optimizations we added in 2.3, but yeah it’s proving to be quite elusive. Thankfully, with the repro case we can keep going at it and find the cause sooner or later.


Thanks for keeping on this one @Ko6ka. The spawn rates, for both adult and baby animals alike are definately on the low side over here. It is great to know that there is a fix in the works.

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