Too less attribute points

Hey guys. I have a question, how many attribute points do you have at lvl 60.

I wanted to skill like a guy in a guide but it seems i have not as many attribute points


If i really have too less and a cm or dev sees this.

Char name is Jadad on official server #1150

You get more attributes from sets, weapons, potions and warpaint.

Yeah but those points are in brackets, like the ones i have.

The guy in the guide has way more , without brackets and my clan made is lvl 50 and has more points than me

Edit: I just watched his steam, he has really more

no 60 players here to tell me how many points you have ?

  1. Everyone has 390 at level 60.
    Do a reset and check your total.

The cost increases by 1 every 5 levels.

So it costs 15 points to get 10 levels in one attribute, another 35 to get to level 20 (total of 50), then another 55 to get to level 30 (total of 105), etc.

So they may appear to have more if the points are more spread out.


Your Stats:
30 Grit = 105 Points
40 Encumbrance = 180 Points
30 Survival = 105 Points
Total = 390

My Stats:
34 Strength = 133 Points
20 Agility = 50 Points
27 Vitality = 87 Points
14 Grit = 27 Points
28 Encumbrance = 93 Points
Total: 390

Let us know if that helps. :slight_smile:


That didnt help me that enlightened me. I guess its ok to feel stupid, sometimes ^^

You have my thanks, sir.

No problem at all. Happy to enlighten.