Too Many Bugs To Be Fun


I play this with my cousin who is in another state. Just another way to connect. We tried to play after several days yesterday and got frustrated and decided to end game after only about an hour.

We just encountered too many bugs—entering a cave and falling through world, follower pets not following or fighting, follower thralls acting erratically, (glichy), and us respawning in the dessert despite having a claimed bed at base. These were all in PVE online co-op. Please fix.

This will happen if you are using mods like LBPR and you either are in a place where the spawn can’t reach, or you are blocking your own spawn point.

As for the rest, there is extremely little to nothing to go off of for a “bug report.” This is akin to “it broken, fix it.” If you want things fixed, you need to be 5000% more descriptive of the problem, and how the problem can be recreated.


Welcome to the world of Conan Exiles

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