PVE-Conflict official server n. 1041 - character and structure bug

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Character and structures bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict |
Region: europe
Name of the character: Mia

After I died today I respawned on my bedroll and I cant see doors and any other structures. When I was running to my corpse, stamina was not decreasing. If I jumped from the cliff, my I don´t die and healt was still full. After reload there was a same probelm. After many, many, manyyyy reloads and restarts my PC, problem was same and he is still same now.

I tried to fix the problem:

  1. Reload - still the same problem
  2. Restart PC - still the same problem
  3. Repair Conan exiles folder (on Steam) - still the same problem
  4. Login to server and wait for a long time (waiting if longer loanding fix it - 2 hours, many dies for hungry, but… - still the same problem)
  5. Remove bracelet - respawn on bedroll - still the same problem
  6. Instaling and launch the game on another PC - - still the same problem
  7. Remove bracelet - respawn in desert - in this moment the game was running normally but when I come near to my base - … - still the same problem, stamina bar is not working, I can´t eat or create something. I can´t die or kill animals. It looks like server problem with this part of the map.
  8. I am here and I am writing this :slight_smile: - still the same problem
  9. Hope that tomorrow it will be fixed :smiley:

Some pictures were made:

On this position bug started: “postimg.cc/WtYnWjMY”

What can I see when I came from desert: “postimg.cc/Z06bjKt4”

What can I see after reload: “postimg.cc/cK5CqDXW”

coordinates of my base: -21451.648438 39412.25 -9660.899414

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