Top 3rd of the screen goes black when starting the game

So beginning yesterday, anytime I start the game the top 3rd of my screen goes completely black. Kind of freaked out because I had a graphics card die on me not long ago. Mentioned it in Discord and someone from my group acted like this is a normal thing that happens all the time. Just minimizing and restoring the game fixes it. So now I have no idea how long this has been around, but it only happened to me for the first time yesterday and it’s still going on today.

I haven’t updated my graphics drivers or anything, either. Other than a Steam game or two, nothing has been installed (or uninstalled for that matter) in a few weeks.

For me all things that effect only part of the screen ar normally conflict between SWL and another program, especially update pop ups are bad in that regard.
I had a lot of similar issues with I believe the windows gamebar sending udates midplay.

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