Topic players on this server i play on


Group uses vulgar language and is rude to the whole server. Cant post a SS cause im a new user but i wanted to bring it to an admins attention asap

Quick fix for that is mute them in the player list, let the server know as well.

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Unfortunatly there always going to be those kind of players who think it’s funny. Just mute them so you don’t see it.


A dirty fix is to mute them, but sadly this does nt work to fix the issue.

However if the language is just dirty… I don’t know… the game is 18+ and when it does n’t hurt anyone (like racism or hatspeach and such) I would nt mind. I like a joke, even the dirty ones from time to time :stuck_out_tongue:

When they really are being toxic they should be banned or warned, everyone that hides it behind a mute button does nt help to fix the issue… the issue here is unwanted toxic behavior and just like bugs in a game should be removed or fixed.

I do agree. If you don’t stop them it will eventually lead to bullying and racism it always does if they see they not getting any reaction. Some people all they want is to create mayhem and that’s how they get theyre kicks.

Do what a sadist does when a ■■■■■■■■■ * begs them, “Hit me, beat me, make me feel cheap!”
Ignore them.
It’ll really get under their skin.
*This word gets censored. It starts with “m” and ends with “ist”. In between those is “asoch”

Machismo? (ist) chesire.PNG

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