Totally superfluous rant about sloped walls

Here are some problems with Sloped Walls.
On the left side one can see that Inverted Sloped Walls can support other pieces sideways of walls.
My first problem is that this is not possible with stormglass.
Second: I would love to do the thing on the right side (without helping ceiling and walls), so that Sloped Walls allow stability transfer sideways.

Third: It is possible to build walls on pieces with 20% stability, but not Sloped Walls. That would also be nice.
…I know these are niche problems, but still…

Yep, sometimes it is surprising what works and what doesn´t. In this case i built a crazy complicated tower and added a roof, then realized, hey this shouldn´t work at all! But it did and now i can´t do without it. I call it architectural roleplaying, discovering the weird physics of a gameworld by building stuff lol.

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Me seeing the title and thinking somebody was mad at me…


Superfluous is a very philosophical word! So, in a word, superfluous!

what I also like about conan is its holistic side…

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