Tower of Bats...HELP lol

Look, back again lol.

I CANNOT find the Tower of Bats for shiz. I’ve made 4 runs, died by Croc/Spider/Exile every time just trying to find it. Everyone is talking about Rocknoses in YT but I’ve never even seen one.

I tried to go online and find someone to walk me through it but all I find were phalluses shaped like human beings who were less than useless.


You can look it up on here:

Conan Exiles Interactive Map


When you find it on the map, you’ll find that it’s more of a mountain or plateau than a tower. I always climb up starting from the east end of the south side, there’s a large breakable boulder that will give you a head start to the next ridge and then up from there to the top. There might be other ways to get up but I don’t know.

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Okay, so 2 more failed expeditions and a lot of deaths that nearly cost me everything. Ugh. Even marking it on my Map, I’m probably running right past it. Literally, as I’m being murdered by Spiders and Crocs.

Okay, this would help me tremendously: On the way there, following the River, do you pass a Camp of NPCs/Crocs/Spiders? It’s the only landmark near the Map I’ve been able to spot. If so, then I’ll just try running past them instead, Medium armor and Yog Steaks aren’t getting it lol.

Yeah, you´ll pass some Darfari fighting spiders and crocs on your way there, but they should be easily avoidable if you stick to the other side of the river.

The good news is, you`re almost there! Keep following the river for a bit and the tower should appear on your right. Keep an eye out for rocknoses and lots of iron.

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I think if the Dafari and crocs and spiders are giving you trouble, you may be too low level to mess with the boss at the top of the tower. Just my opinion though. Bring a good strong pet or fighter to help you and throw a bedroll down at the climb site.

Hey Genesis a few quick questions. What level are you at the moment, and what is your current weapon and armour?

Minor SPOILER ahead. The reason I ask, is that there is a boss at the top of the Tower of Bats, and depending on your gear and current level, you may or may not struggle with him. Especially if Crocodiles, Spiders and other Exiles are still giving you grief. I just dont want to see you slog your way there, then be unable to fight your opponent.

Currently Level 28. Armor is Medium. Weapons Iron (War Hammer).

Use a 2h sword or 1h sword / axe + shield. War hammer is very slow and doesn’t give any advantage against the boss of the Tower of Bat. Craft aloe potion at your Firebowl Cauldron for healing. It’s a difficult fight at that level without a thrall to help. So perhaps you could build a lesser Wheel of Pain a truncheon and binds and capture a T2 or T3 NPCs.


If you’re only after the journey step you don’t need to fight the boss. You could always return later for him (and the reward)

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Ok. Sorry for the 20 questions, but a couple of others:

  1. What mode do you play (eg- PvE, Singleplayer, etc), and are you on an official server?
  2. Please tell us your Attribute loadout (point distribution) thus far?
  3. Do you currently have any thralls and/or pets (this is important!), and a Firebowl Cauldron?

These might sound unimportant, but we can all really come up with some great strategies tailor made to benefit you and your playstyle and circumstances, and really help you find your footing and get ahead if we have plenty of information to work with.

But just some general tips for the time being, until we learn more. The Tower of Bats is located at coordinstes F,5 on the map. If you are still keen to give it a try definately make sure you have plenty of food, Aloe Extract and your Yog meat. Build several Bedrolls to take with you (rawhide ones are easier) and lay one periodically as you go, so you arent starting the journey from its beginning each time. When you reach the Tower, put one at its base before you begin climbing, then one at the top; you dont want to re-climb it if that boss kills you! Take a good but expendable thrall or pet with you. The boss himself is a bit of a maniac, and attacks in rapid succession, and you may find reading him and picking gaps a bit tricky to begin with. You could try to use a one handed axe/sword+shield as Wolfrider said. This will let you block him and pick your moment. Otherwise be prepared for a lot of hit and run tactics during this battle. Hit him, then when your health drops run around the circular platform and heal on the fly, and repeat. Dodge where necessary. Finally, he will be challenging at your current level, so dont be affraid to call of your assault and come back when you level up more if you find youre in over your head.

We can also give you some more specifically tailored help when we have more information, do we encouage you to provide the above details. :slight_smile:

  • Tried Online twice but it’s just brimming with douchebags, walled off areas, locked resources, & no real cooperation. I’m 90% Solo Offline.

  • Without looking at it, I’m 1 Perk deep in Strength & Survival, with 2 in Vitality. The Gear almost has me at 1 Perk in Encumbrance.

  • Thralls are a sore spot for me, all I ever see are low level ones & the ones that are at least a 3 are across bodies of water, which makes transportation a no-go. I built my base, well my largest one, on the River directly beneath the Shattered Bridge near Shamans Rise.

Pets? WTF? I have no idea how to even go about that LOL. I thought that was all DLC stuff.

As far as my personal play style? I play this exactly as I did Skyrim: Berserker, 2 handed weapons, bang for the proverbial buck. Almost 30 levels in & it’s clear the game mechanics are entirely different LOL.

Ahhh…just what I was hoping to hear. Buddy Im an Offline Singleplayer too, and I may or may not be about to make your life a whole lot easier. Genesis, have you made yourself Admin yet? If not heres how you do it:

-Pause the game then go int to Settings > then go across to Server Settings > click/press on the General menu and it will rest the cusor on ‘Make Me Admin’, select it. From here go back and scroll from General down to Survival > then scroll down to ‘Drop Equipment On Death’ and ensure that this box is NOT ticked. You will no longer lose your weapons armour and all of your goodies when you die! For the record, you can mess with your combat damage, harvest rate and other value multipliers in here too.
-Finally, with Admin activated, when you open the Map you will see a new option has appeard called ‘Admin Teleport’. This will allow you to teleport around the map at will, and will serve as a form of Fast Travel until you can build yourself a Maproom. It will also let you get back to stranded pets and thralls quicker if you do die. You can go strait to other biomes this way, but some of them such as the Frozen North, Volcano and Unnamed City have some very dangerous enemies and extreme temperatures.

Sounds reasonably good. For a Singleplayer build Strength, Vitality and Encumberance are all sound investments. Survival is disliked by some, but you are carving out your own style here, so I say go with it. You can respec your Attribute and Feat points at ANY point by simply building and consuming a Yellow Lotus potion. On this note, if you dont have a Firebowl Cauldron yet, DEFINATELY invest in one. It produces so many useful, and virtually essential items during the course of the game.

-Ok cool. Thralls and Pets will really help you out in battle, especially at lower levels. I have noticed that a named (T4) Fighter thrall often spawns at coordinates I,4 on the map just outside a Dafari camp. Also buddy you CAN swim while dragging thralls if you have downloaded the newest game updates.
-Regarding Pets. No they are not DLC my friend, the DLC for this game is primarily cosmetic items. Genesis have you update your Conan Exiles game to the latest version? If the answer is yes, then Pets are ready and yours for the taking. Simply go into the Feats menu > then across to the Survivalist menu (fire logo) > then scroll down to Thrall Taker menu. It should be below the Lesser Wheel of Pain logo and called Apprentice Tamer and ensure the Feat is unlocked. Now build that bad boy (a Pen) at the Carpenters Bench. Just a caution, its a monstrosity of a thing size wise, so you may need to find a good flat clearing to set it down (or clear one yourself). Now the final part; animal collection. You will see a bunch or baby animals getting around (eg- hyenas, crocodiles, shalebacks in your area) which you can simply pick up them up using the interact button. Just take them back to the Animal Pen and put them and some suitable food in it to start growing/taming your Pets (a bar will appear like thralls). Theres stacks of different animal types depending on the biome.

Yeah like yourself I was a lover of Skyrim, and started to play this as an expansion of that fun and chance for adventure. I was more of a shield and axe/sword man myself. If you do like your two-handed weapons.

For one last tip, I would also say that there are Religion trainers around the world who can teach you the other religions for free (without spending 50 points). You can learn all religions and produce multiple benefits. Just think of it as the best of all worlds.

Done, sorry for the wall of text. Hopefully some of this will prove helpful. If you have any further questions do ask. Let me know how you get on ok.

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