Tower of the Bats Alter

Greetings Barbarians! So upon a journey to the Tower of Bats me and my companion slain a pale giant bat demon, its blood would soak on a strange alter that would open up much like a crafting station. This was named “Alter of Bats” which items could be placed inside. Carry little materials we could not work out a formula. If anyone has any knowledge about what could be created in this alter please do share. I could not find any information about this.


I was wondering that myself. I wonder if it’s part of the “Climb the Tower of Bats” Journey Step, and it might be part of the storyline they’re adding on Day 1.

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I didn’t even know about that at all, but I did remember some text something I read that said to be at the altar at midnight and something will happen there. I tried it once and nothing happened so I never tried again. Maybe something happens now?

Pretty sure the alter is for high level compost for farming

Since new update the white demon bat is there but wasn’t prior and I also remember a thread were dev said the area wasn’t finished that was prior to update and white bat there
I could b wrong on the compost but it seemed that way to me when I looked at it
It also shows an image of a box there similar to compost box your able to make now for farming
Just my thoughts but not 100% sure

Whats super fun is that people can build here…and if they do this entire thing you discovered despawns and cannot be used by anyone on the entire server, including the person who built here.


I live ther and have not sean anything sins the start of the game.

So i climbed up there for the journey thing last night. Found the altar. It looks like its asking for the same ingrediants as a planter does. So I suppose something special might be able to be grown there. The journal near the stairs talks about spilling blood on it and doing stuff at midnight, but I didn’t notice anything when that time came. Got the recipes though don’t have a stove yet.

Thank you for all your comments. I’ve been back to the Tower of Bats on a single-player game testing to see if it works like a compost heap using the regular formula, but instead used demons blood then waited until it was midnight. Nothing happened, or is anything supposed to happen? This is frustrating me :stuck_out_tongue: a mystery unsolved.

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haha i did the same and nothing. really wanted something to happen lol

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I know that there is rare fertilizer in game from some posts I read
I’m pretty sure that’s where you make it but how I don’t know lol

There is an item called “White Bat Demon’s Blood” in Admin Panel.

but so far, i haven’t got any of this by harvesting the white bat demon.

this item should probably the one that has to be done with the crafting station in that alter.

Been there, looks like a compost heap. There are special fertilizers in the game, I can corroborate what other posters say, though I have never seen nor used them (they are mentioned in the info about Compost Heap. Nothing happens at midnight, but I truly hope at release this area has more to it than just slaying the albino bat-demon. People being able to build here sucks, by the way

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I recognized the recipe for compost and tried to make some. While waiting the white bat kept re spawning so I had to keep killing it. I waited at least three or four days and no compost, left the game for rl issue and when I came back I had died and was in the desert. When I made it back up to the bat tower all my ingredients in that alter were gone and no compost? Bug??? A previous post says the area is not finished yet so maybe…how LONG does compost take to make anyway???

Do you mean potent compost? I was able to make that in the Testlive server using Raw Ash as the added ingredient.

Really? Raw Ash does nothing in standard compost…

You all can make potent compost with Raw ash + Blood + Compost

And also, you can get blood not only from Derketo alter, also from using Fluid Press with animal heads (it will gives you bones and blood)


Old topic by now, but I went back to the Tower of Bats again on single player game [PC] and the pale giant bat boss was missing, and also the Alter of Bats was not intractable. Was this removed or being improved? Are these also missing for other players?

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I noticed that too in Live though. One patch had the altar could be accessed but the one after the first BIG update for live seemed to turn it off and the white bat wasn’t there for me either.

hopefuly they reimplement it for launch with a no build radius…