"Tower of the elephant" trophy impossible to obtain

Game mode COOP and private server
Game type PVP
Console is PS4

Jumped on my friend’s head while 1000% overloaded, there is no way to instantly kill him and no damage given at all. We have tried many possible combinations. The game reacts like there is the ground under my feet and not a player’s head.

Please fix it as we wish to have the platinum, danke & regards.

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This is not a bug, Age of War changed how that achievement works.

You now need TWO people to jump on a third, so a total of 3 players minimum are needed to complete this.

The “victim” will die when there are at least 2 people on their head with a combined weight over 7x the victims maximum carry capacity (so do not spec your victim for expertise as that will make it harder)

Also, both players need to be on the victim’s head… standing in a 3 player high single column won’t work, you have to stand to the side a bit on one shoulder to make room for the third player to also jump on the victim’s head

If you’re sufficiently overloaded the player at the bottom will die as soon as the third person touches their head and both players on top will get the achievement.

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