Trading Epic Gear?

Again, another 2 questions from this returnee:

  1. Would like to pass epic gear from a character on one of my accounts to a character on my second account.
    Trading does not work it seems. Can I put it up for sale so my second character can purchase it?

  2. Any free world pvp going on at all on Fury?

Is the equipment you’re wanting to trade listed as “bind on pickup” or “bind on equip” ? because if its BOP you cannot trade. If it’s BOE and you havent equipped the item you should be able to mail it do your alt.

Make sure your alts are on the same server as well.

Hope this helps

They are already equipped.
Basically, will be leaving one account dormant. Little use for now and want all gear on the active account.

Can I get around the ‘bound’ issue by putting it up for sale and have my preferred character (on same server) buy it?

Thanks for the reply.

You can’t put the item on the trader if it’s already bound. You an store it there in the bank slots but you can’t move it away from that character anymore. Only unbound items can be sold or moved to other players / characters.
The only way to sell it is to sell it to a vendor for a few silver (or whatever the price is in the item window).



Also, any actual pvp on Fury or is the population too thin?

I think it’s got a small population if you’re into pure pvp. Keep in mind theres very little, if any, pve there. US hours are a bit slower than EU hours for both Crom and Fury

There probably is a little bit of PvP going on (in a sense of maybe 12 people online at prime times) but that’s only the hardcore veterans who play for 12 years already. They are insanely geared and as a new player you will barely have any chance. PvE is non existant there.

Just go for Crom, if you get bored of PvP there you can at least still do PvE.

Thanks all, once again.