Tralls disappearing when releasing from bindings

Game mode: [Online | multiplayer ]
Problem: [Bug]

When having to do combat and releasing a trall from a binding they disappear into the ground.
Sometimes when returning to the spot an hour or so later then will be back on the ground where I left them. But in most cases they are just gone.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. drag unconscious trall
  2. release from bindings (like having to switch to a shield)
  3. witness trall disappearing
  4. cry
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+1 Here - Had this happen yesterday to two players

Game Mode: Private PvE-C Live
Problem: Bug

I had dragged our thrall for more than 1 min whilst running. Needed to fight, so untethered the thrall so as to fight away from her, she had some kind of fit and sank into the ground.

Adding another report of this, happens a lot to myself or another player. Releasing the thrall reasons have included on purpose, swapping to two-hander weapon, repairing the rope, accidental climbing/swimming/falling off a cliff…