Thrall disappear when release with chain bindings

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Asia]

I’m on PS4 official server.

Thrall disappear frequently when unequip chain bindings.
It’s random. I don’t know why this bug happened.

It seems to be disappeared to underground. (re-login didn’t solve this problem)

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This bug has existed since launch i think, happened to me again 2 nights ago when i accidentally unequipped the steel bindings while dragging a dancer to my thrall base in Sepermeru. Definitely needs to be fixed, it doesn’t happen everytime like if you try to do it on purpose… I think there are parts of the landscape that makes them fall underground in those particular spots…

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Happens frequently to me and my friend on PC too, and not only with chain bindings but with any bindings.

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