Thralls glitching out/disappearing when binding is attached

Game mode: [Online | official]
Problem: [Binding | Bug | Thralls | Misc]
Region: [North America west coast]

[Thralls will disappear sometimes when attaching a binding. Their body will do some crazy glitching out and disappear. A couple times the Thrall would wake up and start walking around but this was usually very far away from where the glitch occurred, and a while later. This happens mostly when a second binding is applied, or the first one is reapplied. It happens much less often if the player crouches by the body and waits about twenty seconds before re-binding the thrall.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.knock out npc
2.drag npc a good distance (5 minutes of running usually does it)
3.detach binding
4.reattach binding or attach new one thrall go through crazy exorsim
6. Desperately scavenge area for thrall (denial)
7. Break TV (anger)
8. Attempt to sell soul for thrall (bargaining)
9. Depression
10. Accept loss and tell funcom