Thralls disappearing when dragging (1.0)

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Crash dump link: N/A

Before 27/04 thralls would often disappear into the ground when being knocked down. The 27/04 patch added a new behaviour, in addition to the previous problem they would always disappear into the ground when being dragged out of their map cell. In 1.0, or 95365/17742 as displayed in-game, I haven’t noticed these two issues, but others are there. Maybe they were always there but masked by the previous two.

Anyway, in 1.0 I’ve tried dragging 3 named NPCs into my base that is just NE of Swagger Rock, I was willing to test if dragged thralls would survive an elevator ride. 2 were dragged from the swamp, another from Sepermeru. I couldn’t test the elevator because I’ve lost all three half way through.

  1. From Sepermeru, around Muriela’s Hope, I released the binding to fight a crocodile, boom, the body disappears. I had released it many times before to fight or mine, no issues, but then, on a completely flat surface it disappeared.

  2. From the swamp, half way through, I release the binding to fight, boom it disappears again. It may have been right in the very shallow greenish water, we can’t see through it nor target anything below. Or it may have just gone poof like # 1.

  3. From the swamp, it was being dragged right behind me, then the binding broke and the body went poof.

Also, my follower thrall often knocks down NPCs that I don’t want to capture. I then finish them off on the ground. When they die this way, they jump a little to reappear as dismembered corpses, and this sometimes results in them being lost inside the ground, just like knocked down thralls used to disappear before 1.0.

Repro steps:

  1. Knock down thrall
  2. Try to drag it across the map
  3. Give up and spawn it next to your wheel

Here is a video of an unconscious thrall disappearing when killed: