Thralls disappear into ground when dragging or knocking them out / Items not regenerating health sometimes

Platform: PC
Game mode: Singleplayer
Version: 94750/17645
Problem: Bug

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Thralls disappear into the ground when dragging them. Sometimes they just fall through the ground after knocking them out.

Sometimes items don’t regenerate health and have to use multiple items for the regeneration to kick in.

Also I don’t know if its just me doing something wrong but holding the block button no longer lets my character hold out the bow.

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I’m getting the same bug, same system, sounds like it has been out since launch. a possible fix might be to carry the thralls instead of dragging them imo. Also i have yet to make it back to a base because of this issue.

I thought was a matter of time, i mean after some time of dragging the thralls falls. But it’s not so.
To give a hint, yesterday i build a very long bridge from the sentinels to Narrowneck Span.
I got a thrall from Narrowneck Span camp and dragged it successfully to the base at the Sentinels. It’s a very long run.
It seems that the thralls fall when dragged on ground and not if dragged on built structures.

The regen bug happens when a regen effect wears off and you try to use another item too quickly. If you use more regen food before the current effect wears off, it’ll refresh it. If it wears off, wait about 3 seconds before using another and it’ll work.

At least this has been my experience.

I can say without a doubt after 4 seperate tests this doesn’t work for me. I built a bridge over the area that this occurs for me and didn’t matter what I built they fell through. even if it was two foundations high. the worse part is this is just a few steps from my base.

Now the advantage is of course is I know that spot is a line across the area … and it happens in the exact same spot ever time. Like there is an invisible wall/cliff. So if I build use the blocks in front as a base I could build a wheel of pain right there to solve the issue temporarily. there are three lines I know of for sure. I could map them out but Why… lol I suspect though if I did and showed them to a Funcom developer… they would go “Ohhhh I see what is happening.” because the lines are straight… and I suspect that they all intersect like a series of blocks/zones

I did do a quick map of two of the zones which basically totally block of camps from my base. I did end up building a wheel just on the good side of the line but a thrall can’t pass those lines for sure. I dotted places I’ve lost thralls.

Looking at the map above I had the issues almost in the same places, having a base near the hand of the maker.
But i’m sure that i could’nt drag a thrall from the camp beside the hand and my base, just on the other side of the river. it disappeard just once crossed the river, more or less near the start of the red line in the map above.
On the south, building long bridges, i could drag a thrall from very afar.

Well you will be happy to know that the Testlive version is currently fixed I just tested it in my single player game and it is working without issue. I was able to drag thralls across the “borders”