Transfer from Exiled Lands to Siptah


I play official server PS4.
My question is about transferring your player from the Exiled Lands to Isle of Siptah…

So, the Isle Of Siptah will become available on PS4 on the 27 May (awesome), when we get it, will we be able to move our Exile character straight away? Or will the transfer feature be made available in a later update?

I ask because I’m wondering what to do when I open Siptah…I’d like to start Siptah straight away to explore for a good base location, the longer you delay the less time you have to compete for a good base spot. So really I don’t want to waste time by logging into Exiles and trying to work out how to get my character to transfer.

At this point I’m thinking of just going into Siptah with a new character to get my desired base location and then sort out clan details later.

Does anyone have any information about transfer options on console?


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