Transfering saved game from stream to xbox pc games

can this be done? Does Fun Com do this? or can someone tell me how to do it?

When you say “saved game,” I have to assume you mean single player. It’s easy to do in theory, but I don’t play on Xbox and therefor I can’t tell you where they save your game database, It may be in the cloud, in which case, you might be out of luck.

First you will need to copy the game database from your Steam file system, there is one database for Exiled Lands (called: game.db) and one for Siptah (called: dlc_siptah.db), they are both located at:

Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved

Once you have one or both of those databases copied, just place them in your Xbox file system, overwriting the existing ones (always make a backup of the file you are overwriting, just in case). Again, I do not play on Xbox so I can’t tell you where exactly the save file is located but I suspect the file system will be similar, just explore. If you can locate:


…then the databases are likely there as well.

Best of luck! :wink:

Just copying the database file won’t work unless the FLS account ID is the same, which I doubt would be the case between two different editions of the game. Before copying the database to the destination, you would have to update the account table, changing the user column from the old ID to the new ID.

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Good call @CodeMage!
@Yewlin, I had a brain fart and forgot that they are completely different Funcom accounts. Editing a database is not extremely difficult but it will require a database editor (at least that’s the only way I know how to do it). You can find them for free online, the one I have used in the past is DB Browser.

Thank you all for your replies. I know how to copy databases. They are both different formats. I do think this is something for funcom to do from their end. I did try to send in a ticket. however, both times I came here I was sent here to the forums.

I haven’t played the game in months as I didn’t want to disable windows files so battleye could run on a new system.

I don’t have Conan Exiles on Xbox, I only have the Steam edition on PC. Can you tell me what exactly you mean when you say they are both different formats?

meaning the databases are different. I am also only on pc but am moving over to game pass. One is saved in a cloud environment where the other is saved to your hard drive.

After reading more on trying to find the information for what I am wanting to do to me is simple. I see where you can cross play platforms between steam and Microsoft store (game pass) But I am wanting to close my steam account. So, I want to move my Conan exiles game account from steam to game pass. I am not finding any information about this, or how to cross play the platforms or if it will show I was playing on such a day on steam. Nor do I like having to use Battleye.

As I said in my original post, I thought you were just wanting to move your single player “saved game.” Unfortunately for you, there is no way (that I’m aware of) to migrate your entire account from one platform to another. BTW, Steam is by far the superior platform (IMO) so why not just stick with Steam? Best of luck to you.

Note: Battleye is required with all official servers, but there are plenty of private servers that don’t require it. If it’s a big deal to you, then just pick a private server that doesn’t use it.

Okay, let’s go back to the very basics and try to clarify what you mean by transferring your “saved game”.

Initially, I assumed it meant that you own two copies of the game – one on Steam and another on some other platform – and you didn’t want to lose single-player progress when you switched from the former to the latter. If this is the case, I can help with that.

Now it sounds like you own only the Steam edition of the game and you want to own the Game Pass edition instead. If this is the case, no player can help you with that, and it’s likely that Funcom can’t do it either.

I do own two copies of the game. my main game and character are on steam. And because I have bought items in the bazaar and cleared all battle passes (is what I don’t want to lose) but one. starting the main game from level 1 that really doesn’t bother me.

I have a strong need to close my account on steam. Something I should have done 4 years ago but didn’t see the need until this past week.

Okay, now I understand. You don’t care about the single-player game, but it’s the Battle Pass and the Bazaar entitlements that you want to migrate from one Funcom account to another.

Let’s ask @Community managers: is this something that is possible? If so, what’s the correct procedure?

Oh, I do care about the game itself I have been building a few years now. My base is rather big now. Yet I have learned many things since I first started building it. community where is that? As I am lost on these forums right now. Steam is like no we do not have anything to do with third party games, you need to ask in the steam community for the game and or here at the forums. I am also thinking if it can be done Funcom has to do it.

Yeah, sorry, I didn’t mean to imply you don’t give a damn about single-player game, I was trying to say that wasn’t really what you were asking for. Unfortunately, that’s the only thing I could help you with :slight_smile:

oh, I only play single player, after looking at my building maybe I don’t want to leave that behind. Is a lot of work. I would still like to have access to the items I have on steam in the Ancestral knowledge and, sorcery tabs. Along with my twitch drops.

Really feel this should be doable. For the reason if someone switched from ps to xbox, or from a computer to either one. Maybe with an option for one time.

Basically what CodeMage is saying… that this is a two-parter…

You CAN transfer the save manually, though you need a slight database edit, which is entirely possible and you can do that on your own (maybe with some help from me or Codemage or someone)

But, transferring the ownership of Battle-pass / Bazaar items can only be done by Funcom.

In other words… when you make a ticket to them, you need to be more clear and specific about what you want.

If you tell them you want to transfer your save… they’ll simply tell you they can’t help… because they can’t… That was most likely the mistake you made.

What you need to do instead is make a new ticket at Zendesk and tell them that you want to transfer ownership of your Battle-pass / Bazaar items if it’s possible to a new account.
Explain to them that you bought a new copy of the game on a different store and you would like for this new account to contain your ancestral knowledge entitlements.

Do not say anything about your save file or your base or anything along those lines, because they can’t do that and they’ll just skim through your ticket… see that and throw it back like before.

You might need to provide both Funcom IDs to them so they know which one to transfer stuff to which one… so for that you’ll need to launch your new gamepass edition and log in and stuff so you can see (it shows up in the lower right corner of the main menu after you launch the game on the steam version, most likely the gamepass one is similar, the “Signed in: Name#0000” part)

As for your save file just copy over the game.db from ConanSandbox\Saved folder of the old Steam installation to your new gamepass installation (folder structure is the same once you locate the ConanSandbox folder)

Then start up the game, it’ll ask you still to create a new character, but you should be in the same world… if you go to the location of your base on this new character, the base should still be there just not owned by you.

Afterwards you can just edit the database and assign your character to the new account by changing the playerid field in the characters table to that of your new account. if you don’t know how to do that we can help further.

Thank you, i am waiting a reply. I didn’t see anything in the lower right corner. But I do know what my username is.

apparently, this cannot be done. Which does not make since seeing how they support both platforms. Thank You Both for the help. Hopefully game pass will refund my purchase.

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