Transferring game progress from Epic Games to Steam

Hi all!
Is it possible, somehow, that there could be a problem with returning from the game of the client to Epic Games on Steam? Epic Games is inconvenient for me, but I started playing there …

I don’t know the file path for the epic game version, but I doubt it is much different than Steam.

Pretty much go into the game’s folder and go to the ConanSandbox folder and then the save folder. Then locate the game.db (exiled lands) or DLC_Siptah.db (if IoS) and copy it to the same location in the Steam’s location.

This will transfer the map only unfortunately, as your character data is tied to your other account. There is technically a way of tinkering with the map file in SQL to transfer characters. This requires a 3rd party program like SQLLite or the like.

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