Transparent rocks

Game mode: [Online (testlive) ]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [ US ]

[ Shader/texturing error on rocks at high altitude, causes them to inherit skybox. Sadly new users cannot upload images, so I cannot post the screenshots ]
[ Edit: It seems all harvestables are having this issue in the area, looking into the northern skyline through a tree produces the same issue, alongside a distorted skyline ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go north west of Gallaman’s Overlook
  2. Go past the spiders and climb the outcropping
  3. Stand behind a the rock on the ledge and look towards the river
  4. Congrats, you now see into the skybox

Maybe it’s a Driver Problem:

Your video card is AMD and you have driver version 18.5.1 and up.
It is a driver problem, I have this also, and tree transparent too.
I managed to install the driver version 18.4.1 and the issue won’t happen. Now to wait for a fix, probably from AMD.

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Good to know, I’m having the same issues(tranparent trees, and the skylight in sinners refuge) I just updated my drivers the other day, I guess I’ll have to roll em back.

I have experienced this bug myself recently.

I was actually able to fix it, although I am unsure which, if any, of my actions were actually responsible:

I used Disk Clean Up (Right Click C Drive: Properties) and dumped All of my temporary files and an option called “Direct X Shader Cache” that appeared with the “Clean Up System Files” button.
I also changed texture filtering quality in the catalyst control center app to Performance.
After i’d done this, the transparent object when viewing against the sky texture issue was no longer present when I next booted up Conan Exiles. I’m hoping it wasn’t just a coincidence.

Figures they would not optimize for amd again and I have had this issue since the launch in May in the jungle. This was before updated driver 18.5.1 I believe.

Okay, so that wasn’t it. I seems my issue is related to the same bug that causes the character image to disappear from the inventory screen after some time.

After the character disappears from the inventory screen, rocks, certain trees and some enemies begin behaving this way, becoming transparent whenever they are viewed with the sky directly behind them.

Right, and it can be temporarily fixed (until opening the character inventory again) by opening the character stats tab.
But it does not fix sandstorms visible through rocks and fire shining through the bottom of the hanging brazier.

I haven’t updated my drivers since prior to acquiring Conan Exiles–that is, I’ve been running 18.5.1. When I first went to the jungle, I could see all the foliage above me, and random foliage (and rocks!) weren’t transparent. Then came the big 500 Patch, and voila–transparencies as far as the eye can see. The most recent hotfix did not amend this, though it did take away my paper doll on the inventory screen. I have to say the 18.5.1 AMD driver cannot be to blame.

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I can confirm this bug as TimeLord75 describes. Before the big fix patch - no transparencies. After the patch, transparencies. Latest AMD driver.

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Confirmed for me and Epiphany, it’s not only rocks, it seems like anything intractable including creatures, chests, trees. We can see through just about anything in the game and anything against the sky or water is nearly completely invisible. AMD 18.6.1 we have tried every type of graphics setting we can.

I note in the other threads about this issue that rolling back to driver release 18.3.2 fixes the interactable object transparencies and the glowing embers showing through walls and other surfaces from fire pits etc.

You simply download the prior release version from the manufacturer website, uninstall the current drivers, install 18.3.2.

This is not an optimal solution, we should really be able to use the latest drivers with this game.

I strongly suggest all those affected post the matter to the AMD user forums with your rig specs and screenshots that show the effect, as I and others already have.

If we get a bit of traction with this we might be able to get AMD to patch it, even if Funcom in there benificence deem it unnecessary in the short term. :fire:

Quick update here: went on an exploratory runabout this past weekend (sorry for not posting about this sooner) and saw rocks…that weren’t transparent! The jungle canopy was actually present! Darfari banners in the near-distance looking properly solid! Note that my AMD drivers HAVE NOT CHANGED. Neither have my graphics settings.

It ain’t the drivers, y’all. Whatever Funcom patched before going on break restored the laws of light-based physics.