Trapped spider near the Ship

Hello there,

I found a trapped or false spawned spider near the Pirateship in the south, the spider will attack you through the rock causing poison damage. Too bad I am not allowed to upload a screenshot. There are couple black spiders on a hill and below is the trapped spider near ironore site and a small step in direction to the ship.

Also I think the complete Ship is bugged, after about 30 min NPC farming I discovered flying NPC and sudden Death while you’re still farming. One Player saw this and told me to stop running because I will fall down the ship but I wasn’t on the ship at all and suddenly I had the poison dying animation and died. After waking up in my bed my whole base was gone so I relogged and I came out far in the North near the Breach.

Cheers and have a good night.

(Sorry, new users can not upload images.) Thx bugreport ^^

Heya! Next time you’re there, hit:

This will get you coordinates. You can copy them and paste them here. We can then use them to teleport to the location in game. :slight_smile:

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Silly me, totally forgot this option. Coordinates are: 71679.992188 101262.765625 -8866.113281

I had to ghost into the rock - sometimes there are 2 spiders or one and one deer.

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There are many animals under the ground or inside rocks, Rhinos, Spiders, Striders, Hienas etc. I think Funcom should check the map in more depth. Also NPC’s stuck at the Black Galleon, half of their legs are inside the stone platform…